Tim Mowl published his first article on Marford, a village of Gothick cottages in Flintshire, in Country Life in 1979. His first book - Trumpet at a Distant Gate: The Lodge as Prelude to the Country House - was published by Waterstones in 1985. Since then he has continued to produce a range of studies of architectural history, revisionist biographies, and surveys of garden and landscape history. His most recent biography, published by Jonathan Cape in May 2006, is a lively and controversial analysis of the life of the eighteenth-century artist, architect and landscape gardener, William Kent. The latest book in the county garden series is on Herefordshire and this was published by Redcliffe Press in May 2012. Tim is now working on the Cambrideshire volume (publication date May 2013), with consultant with Laura Mayer. As usual, he is finding the most unexpected buildings and undiscovered garden sites.

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